Taxodium distichum 'Fallingwater' (natural single stem)

Weeping Baldcypress

An outstanding weeping Baldcypress, Fallingwater is distinct from Cascade Falls in that the central leader keeps finding a way up, while the branches grow straight down. (The leader of Cascade Falls weeps.) The height of this new introduction is as yet unknown, but ours are 14' tall and rising. With an upright leader, this tree will make a better weeper for tight spaces. Taxodium, a southeastern U.S. native, is referred to in China as "the magic tree" for its incredible longevity. Fallingwater makes a big splash, offering the world a weeping form that could live 500 years.

Category: Small weeping ornamental; deciduous conifer
Hardiness: 4 to 11
Foliage: Bright medium green
Fall Color: Bronze
Bark: Peeling in reddish brown strips
Winter Interest: The peeling bark on the trunk
Texture: Fine
Shape: Weeping
Mature Size:
Growth Rate: Fast
Adaptability: Taxodium distichum Fallingwater is happy with average water availability, but thrives with "wet feet" or in water-logged soils
Native Habitat: Native to Southern US and up the Mississippi River Valley