Viburnum obovatum 'Best Densa' (full to ground)

Best Densa Small Viburnum

Up and coming native flowering shrub for the South. Dense mound of small sized leaves are evergreen in zone 8, increasingly deciduous as it moves northward. Cymes of white flowers appear in April and sometimes again in late autumn. Tolerant of wet soil but not limited to those sites.

Category: Evergreen shrub in the deep South
Hardiness: 8 to 9
Foliage: Densely foliated
Fall Color: Can be red in colder end of range
Flower: Compact white cymes in spring and, often again in the fall
Fruit: Densa has small red fruit, maturing to black
Winter Interest: Evergreen in zone 8
Texture: Fine
Shape: Giant muffin
Mature Size: 7' tall by 7' wide
Growth Rate: Slow
Adaptability: Tolerant of very wet conditions
Native Habitat: Native to Southeastern coastal plains