Nyssa sylvatica 'Cherry Pie' PP27588

White Chapel® Tupelo

On Halloween, 2006 JB was driving the back roads of Middle Georgia, observing the speed limit with his safety harness securely fastened, when his peripheral vision caught sight of a brilliant red tree on the edge of the woods. He soon found himself standing under a narrow pyramidal Tupelo gazing upward in appreciation of the intense color shining from every leaf on the tree, top to bottom. Since that time we have observed the scions of that car-stopping Tupelo in our nursery. White Chapel® Tupelo (sometimes called Black Gum) is strongly pyramidal as a young tree with a dominant central leader. The leaves are large, slightly undulated and a bright lighter green, offering a sunny disposition. Fall color has been great in our zone 8 location.

Category: Medium shade tree; deciduous
Hardiness: 4 to 9
Foliage: Large, bright lighter green
Fall Color: Bright red
Flower: Pale green, insignificant
Fruit: None noted to date
Bark: Light colored when young, blocky with age
Texture: Medium
Shape: Pyramidal
Mature Size: 50' tall x 25' wide
Growth Rate: Medium
Adaptability: Best in moist, acid soil
Native Habitat: Native to Eastern US