Lagerstroemia 'Tuscarora'

Tuscarora Coral-pink Crapemyrtle

Category: Deciduous, Flowering | Size: Small | Hardiness Zones: 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 | Fall Color: Orange , Red | Growth Rate: Medium | Adaptability: Salt Spray Tolerant, Urban Tolerant, Alkaline Soil Tolerant
Image Size Quantity 1-9 10+

Lagerstroemia Tuscarora offers beautiful coral-pink flowers, reminiscent of your grandmother's crapemyrtle, on beautiful exfoliating branches and a contained 20' upright habit. The flowering season is long, starting in July and ending with a second flush of flowers in September. Hybrid vigor and resistance insures that Tuscarora Coral-pink Crapemyrtle will always outperform your grandmother's "crape."

Category: Small flowering tree; deciduous
Hardiness: 7 to 10
Foliage: Glossy dark green
Fall Color: Orange-red
Flower: Coral-pink
Bark: Exfoliating light brown and tan colors
Winter Interest: Exfoliating colors on the trunk and branches
Texture: Medium
Shape: Upright vase-shaped trunks with a rounded head
Mature Size: 20' tall by 15' wide
Growth Rate: Medium
Adaptability: Lagerstroemia Tuscarora prefers a moist, well-drained, acid soil, but it's drought tolerant; urban tolerant; heat tolerant