Amelanchier arborea 'Tift County' (multi-stem)

Pink Damsel™ Serviceberry

The multi-stem form may be the best way to enjoy this pink serviceberry. The branching spills out into a cloud-like crown.

Category: Small flowering ornamental tree; deciduous
Hardiness: 6 to 8
Foliage: Pale medium green, finer textured than many Serviceberry
Fall Color: Red-orange
Flower: Abundant light pink flowers in March/April
Fruit: Edible ornamental; red turning dark blue/purplish, small, juicy fruits; fruits are not messy on the ground because the greedy birds eat them on the tree
Bark: Grayish and smooth but streaked with longitudinal fissures
Texture: Fairly fine in foliage
Shape: Arching mound; round
Mature Size: 16' tall by 20' wide
Growth Rate: Calipers slowly, canopy growth robust
Adaptability: Tift County Serviceberry originated in hot, humid South Georgia, where colorful native trees are a scarcity
Native Habitat: Eastern US native