Acer griseum x maximowiczianum 'Ginzam'

Gingerbread™ Maple

This small sized maple is a hybrid of Paperbark Maple. The peeling bark of a rich cinnamon red combined with a dark red fall color makes this an ideal tree for any landscape. Sized perfectly for our city streets or plant as a lone specimen for a striking display.

Category: Small ornamental or shade tree; deciduous
Hardiness: (4)5 to 8
Foliage: Emerges bronzy green, becoming medium green (with a bluish hint) in summer
Fall Color: Rich, dark blood red
Bark: Exfoliates in gingerbread tones, some gloss and some matte finish
Winter Interest: The amazing bark
Texture: Medium
Shape: Vase-shaped trunk and branching pattern, with a rounded head
Mature Size: 20-30' tall by 15-25' wide
Growth Rate: Medium in youth, slowing with age
Adaptability: Gingerbread™ Maple likes moist, acid, well-drained soil; insect and disease resistant; heat tolerant
Native Habitat: Parentage is Acer griseum x Acer maximowiczianum